Ocular treatments

Our wide experience, from 1995 in the Prat, has spent us to continue with a private surgery in which we pretend  to give a next deal ,human  and  customised to the ocular patients .
The Gabinet d'Ophthalmology collaborates with gifted centres of the tallest technology where make the complementary explorations and the surgery that require our patients.
Tratamientos oculares


The cataract is the opacificación total or partial of the crystalline
Tratamientos oculares


The glaucoma is an illness of the eyes that characterises generally by the pathological increase    of the intraocular pressure, by fault of drainage of the aqueous humour and has like common final condition unaneuropatía optical that characterises by the progressive loss of the nervous fibres of the optical nerve and changes in his appearance.
Tratamientos oculares


The surgery refractiva is a set of surgical procedures that modify the anatomy of the eye, especially the cornea, deleting the defects refractivos of the myopia, hipermetropía and astigmatism so that it was not necessary the use of glasses or lens of contact.
Tratamientos oculares


The retina is a sensitive tissue to the light situated in the inner surface of the eye. The light that incide in the retina unchains a series of chemical and electrical phenomena that finally translate in nervous impulses that they are sent to the brain by the optical nerve.
Tratamientos oculares


The eye is a sensory organ complex and highly specialised that it can suffer pathological processes interns and external
As any another splits of our organism: infections, inflammations,  tumors, hypertension, etc.
Tratamientos oculares


To know something more: What is an eye roam?. What is a dry eye?. What is the myopia, hipermetropía or the astigmatism?
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